DIY Tabletop Display with Raspberry Pi Pico and TFT LCD

The finished product using the PCB designed by me

I had a TFT color LCD lying around and it is a really cool device, so I decided to use it to create a small, customizable tabletop display using a Raspberry Pi Pico. The PCB for this project was designed by me using Fritzing and was fabricated using

Given below are images of the PCB.
PCB Blueprint
Front side and back side of PCB

Assembled project
On the front side of the PCB, a female header needs to be soldered (near top of the PCB) . The TFT SPI display should be connected to this header. I feel that a spacer in the bottom right M3 hole of the LCD (LCD board has three M3 holes) is necessary to prevent the display from being shaky. The Pi Pico H/WH is to be connected to the back of my two-layer PCB using female headers.

I included two holes at the bottom of my PCB for M3 screws to support the display like a photo frame on a tabletop. To accommodate connecting a OV7670 camera (in future) using header wires, I added provision of soldering two pull-up resistors. Additional sensors or peripherals can be connected by using stackable headers on the Raspberry Pi Pico. Using a Pi Pico W turns this gadget into a fully wireless and intelligent display.

All the schematics are available here :