Starrem2k13 , the shiny new open source tool for star removal.

Starrem2k13 is the brand new tool for star removal in deep sky images. It is basically re-branded version of my previous tool, with following additions:

  • Better output (sharper images, lesser post removal artifacts).
  • Slightly faster.
  • Binaries are available for Windows, Linux and MacOS.
  • Swanky new home page !


This means you can directly download the tool and start using it. You don’t require docker or python to run the tool. I will be pushing new versions as and when I make improvements to my ML models.

You can download the tool for your operating system here:

Once you download the tool, all you have to do is run it from command-line/terminal like this:

starrem2k13 image_with_stars.jpg starless.jpg

If you face any errors while running the tool, you can switch to the docker version of the tool. If you are a developer, you can run it locally by following steps mentioned here.