Online demo of my star removal tool for astrophotograpy

I recently released a new version of my astrophotography star removal tool. I previously blogged about the tool. A lot of effort has gone into developing the v2 of this tool, particularly in terms of producing sharper images. There is still much room for improvement. However, given that the tool was trained on artificially generated data, I am still pleased with its performance.

Today, I’m releasing a live online demo of my tool in action. It was created using TensorflowJS, ReactJS and Ionic, and runs entirely within your browser. Your data is never sent outside of your browser.

🔗 Link to online demo:

Using a desktop browser to run the demo is highly recommended

Please keep in mind that this tool is only for demonstration purposes. Before generating the output, it resizes images to 512-512px. This is primarily due to the model’s browser performance and memory requirements (the full model will need more than 4 GB RAM to run). The full version of this tool can be found at