Pollen Grains seen through a microscope

Pollen grains are some of the easiest and most interesting objects for observing under a microscope. I have observed many different types of pollen grains using my Foldscope. Here is a small summary of my findings:

Pumpkin Pollen

Pumpkin pollen grains are somewhat bigger in size. Using a foldscope you can actually see spikes on the pollen grains very clearly.

Gerbera Flower Pollen

The Gerbera flower pollen has very interesting looking shape

Lotus Flower Pollen

The pollen grains of a Lotus flower look absolutely beautiful.

Sweet William Flower

Pollen Grains of Unknown Flower

These have very interesting looking shape. You can clearly see a pattern on the surface of each grain !

Marigold Flower Pollen

Pollen grains of another common flower

Spider Lily Pollen

Beautiful images of pollen grains from a Spider Lily flower. Plastic adhesive tape was used to create the Foldscope slide used to observe the pollen grains. Looks like some chemicals in the adhesive substance cause coloured liquid to ooze out from the flower.

Bougainvillea Pollen Grains

Disk like pollen grains with a slight depression on one side can be clearly seen if you zoom the image.