Stomata seen through a microscope

Like everyone else I studied ‘stomata’ when I was in school, however never got to see those till I purchased a Foldscope. The Foldscope is an amazing instrument and can be a great teaching aid in classrooms. Capturing stomata images can be very tricky. You need to be able to take an epidermal peel from lower side of a leaf, which isn’t easy and depends upon the plant you choose for observation.

Here are some images of leaves and stomata that I was able to capture using Foldscope

Stomata From Onion Leaf

Stomata from Fenugreek Leaf

Zoom into the images and you should see stomata at the border of irregular cell walls

Stomata Using Dark Field

Stomata can be very clearly seen using dark field observation techniques. Using some digital zoom on my camera I was able to resolve more details, you can almost kind of see the gaurd cells.