Free (kindle unlimited) ebook on campus interview preparation for freshers

Last week I published a small book on Amazon titled :

Student’s Manual of Job Interviews: Advice on cracking job interviews for technology students

Frankly speaking there are many books on resume and job interview preparation. This book however is specifically written for technology students, engineers and graduates (freshers). As a technology student, resume preparation and handling interviews can be tricky. Also, when you are a ‘fresher’, you have little or zero work experience. Hence, generic advice on resume creation and handling job interviews might be insufficient.

Ebook on campus interview preparation for freshers

📘Read the ebook from
📘Read the ebook from

This book was born out of sincere desire to help technology students to get their first job. It is basically a guide that contains dos and don’ts when preparing for a job interview. The contents of the book come from my 17 years of work experience as a developer/architect in the software industry, which includes interviewing students and working with interns.

This book will teach how to:

  • Prepare a great resume.
  • Stand out as unique (within your college and the job market) !
  • Plan and develop a skill set which suits your interests.
  • Use your education, project work and extracurricular activities to your advantage during an interview.
  • Avoid common mistakes during technical and HR interviews
  • Give up on certain misconceptions which most ‘freshers’ have.
  • Handle rejection and retry !

I hope you find this book useful !