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You might realize the problem with rendering of Indian script. Please read this post to know more about the cause : Silverlight and Indic Script Rendering

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This a multi-lingual subtitle demo. I have kept a really short video, because of bandwidth constraints. You can change the subtitle language even when the video is playing. The subtitles are given below. There seems to be problem with Silverlight rendering joined Devanagiri letters.

var sub_en = new Array();
sub_en[1] = "That's my Iron";
sub_en[6] = "My battrey charger";
sub_en[10] = "The Spore Creature Creator !";
sub_en[16] = "Some coins.";
sub_en[19] = "That's it !";
var sub_hi = new Array();
sub_hi[1] = "वह मेरा लोहा है";
sub_hi[6] = "मेरा बैट्रे चार्जर";
sub_hi[10] = "बीजाणु प्राणी निर्माता!";
sub_hi[16] = "कुछ सिक्के।";
sub_hi[19] = "बस !";
var sub_mr = new Array();
sub_mr [1] = "तो माझा लोह आहे";
sub_mr [6] = "माझे बॅटरी चार्जर";
sub_mr [10] = "बीजाणु प्राणी निर्माता!";
sub_mr [16] = "काही नाणी.";
sub_mr [1 9] = "बस!";