How to use my album script on your website

I assume you have very basic knowledge of HTML. There are quite a few steps to be followed:

1] Download the zip archive from this location and unzip it to a folder.

2] Get all your images into the ‘hh’ folder. You will have to resize all images to 640*480 for displaying. Also thumbnails of 100*75 are required. Put the thumbnails into same directory with a different name. You can use GIMP to do the job of creating thumbnails and Picassa to resize images to 640*480.

3] Once you have thumbnails and images, the fun begins. Now you need to get a Google Map key. Visit this site and register to get your 86 charactor Google Map Key. Edit the photoalbum.html page and replace the #######… in first <script> tag with your google map id.

4] Open the images.xml file in notepad or any XML Editor. It is this file that contains all important information. To find latitude and longitude you can search for the place in wikimapia. Move the desired location to the center of the screen for maximum accuracy. On the address bar you should be able to see something like . You can get the coordinates from this query string. Here latitude of place is 17.991438 and longitude =73.027003 . If you see closely you can even get the zoom !(z=17). Enter one tag for each image . Make sure that you entered the right paths for images and thumbnails. An example file is given here:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="images.xsl"?>
<caption>Nice big mushrooms in the garden.</caption>
<tooltip>Somewhere here (I think!)</tooltip>

5] Do not enter any special charactors or line breaks into the text inside <caption> and <tooltip> tags. Right now the script is unable to handle it and produces errors.

6] Now upload all the files to your website , simple access the photoalbum.html file and your album should be working ! You can comment on this using email address specified in the FAQ section of the website or drop a comment.