Needed: Better ASP.NET Validators !

ASP.NET validators are really nice things to have on your webforms. But with todays Web 2.0 scenarios,
validations can be quite demanding. In the next major release of ASP.NET I would love to see following features:

1] A MultipleFieldValidator, which is similar to CustomFieldValidator, but accepts collection of controls to validate. Right now a workaround for this, is to set ‘ControlToValidate’ property of a CustomValidator to an invisible ‘TextBox’ (style=’display:none’). This TextBox can contain client ids of controls to validate in form of CSV.

2] An all purpose validator, similar to ‘MaskedEditValidator’. The ‘MaskedEditValidator’ can perform required,custom and range validation at same time. The problem with it is, it requires a MaskedEditExtender to be present on the form.

3] It would be nice to have a ‘ClientValidationFunction’ property for ‘Range’ and ‘Compare’ validators.

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