Blender to XAML exporter !

In my search of XAML tools, I came across this ‘XAML Exporter for Blender’. Blender is the most famous open source 3D modelling software. ‘XAML Exporter’ exports Blender content directly to XAML on click of a mouse button. So, I decided to give it a try. I tried this tool for simple objects, and it worked much better than expected. The tool seems to goof-up ‘lights’, so the exported XAML showed up as a totally black figure. But adding a directional light inside the ‘Model3dGroup’ element of the generated XAML worked like charm.

  <DirectionalLight   Color="White"    Direction="-5,-3,-1" />

Modelling the 3D object in Blender.

XAML exported by this tool shows up as black shadow.

Corrected XAML (after adding a directional light)

As you can see, this nice little tool still needs to be perfected. Even then it is a big value for all those who are searching for open source XAML designer or looking to export existing 3D models to XAML.

You can download the sample XAML file here .

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