Confusing ‘Internet Options’ in IE

I have always felt that the arrangement of the three checkboxes on ‘Internet Options’ dialog of IE is bit confusing. I may be the only person complaining, but here are my reasons:

'Internet Options' dialog showing javascript debugging options.

'Internet Options' dialog showing javascript debugging options.

1] They all start with a ‘D’.
2] The first two are about ‘disabling’ something, while second is about showing(enabling) someting.
3] They all are related javascript debugging !

Now, I remmeber have seen this in atleast three generations of IE. I hope in upcoming version we can see something

1] Enable script debugging (Internet Explorer)
2] Enable script debugging (Other)
3] Display a notification about every script error.

I dont know what usability experts have to say about this. But, one thing everyone will agree is that the ‘notification dialog, that shows up for every javascript error, badly needs a ‘Suppress further errors’ checkbox (or something similar).

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