Wanted: Portable apps for managing gadgets !

I love gadgets. Two of my favorites are, my iPod shuffle and Nokia n800. One thing these gadgets always come with, is some kind of CD\DVD containing software for managing the gadget. Ipods for example, are best used with iTunes. As we all know , iTunes is a wonderful software, that does many things besides downloading music to your iPod.

But I see the following problems with such softwares:

1] Need hard disk installation.
2] Are bulky : occupy HD space, may have service running in the background, lots of eye candy!
3] You need to carry them along or download them (if you don’t have a laptop).

So, why not have small, lightweight version of the same software, capable of running from flash memory. Such software can easily be stored onto the device itself and run on any computer. Also, I think it would be a nice idea to have special memory to store such software permanently into the device.

These small programs should be updatable by flashing the device. Now, some people could argue that this would increase the cost of such a device (since additional memory is required). But, additional memory is anyways required to hold OS/firmware.Now, I am not aware, how difficult it could be for such software to support DRM, but I certainly don’t think it is impossible !

Another thing which I would love to see is ‘Flash/Java applet’ (or similar technology) based software, that can run inside a web browser (any OS) and take control of your gadget. Just connect to the internet, go to a specific website and start playing. It may not be possible to access hardware right now using ‘Flash’, but going ahead in future, I think there is lot of scope for such technologies.

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