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Recently, I have been searching a lot for resources on learning programing in Marathi. One of  the biggest hurdles in development of IT in India in my opinion is lack of such resources. There are many who argue that programing is best taught/learned in English and I don’t dispute that.

Screenshot of Scratch with language changed to Marathi.

But, in a country like India where penetration of computers is increasing every day, not everyone who has  knowledge of English. Young age is the right time to get into programing, but English  makes the (already steep) learning curve , steeper. Children and many teenagers, spend hours playing games, in absence of anything meaningful to do. There are many countries in the world which have contributed a lot to computer science and programing, with no significant English speaking population. My point not about “not learning” English, but about making enough resources available in the ‘IT hub of the world’, so that people/students who still picking up English, can start with computer  programing.

Recently, I came across an open source programing environment called , Scratch . It is a product from MIT and supports couple of Indian languages . They even have some documentation available in Marathi. For other languages which are not supported, anyone can always volunteer and help with the translations. Scratch is a visual programing tool. It helps you create fully functional programs, animations and interactive stuff,  using drag and drop. The tool exposes many complex programing concepts in very easy to understand manner. Once a learner has mastered Scratch, he or she can move on to learning more complex programing languages.

Download Scratch

Getting started guide (Marathi)

Reference guide (Marathi)

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