WebSocket +HTML5 starting to become popular !
One more application makes it !
Learn programming in Marathi
Free ebook on Windows Phone 7 Development
Center aligning image inside <DIV> tag
Desi ebook reader !
Article on confusing ‘Internet Options’ in IE
Need some programing practice ?
Article on how to create DVDs that work with all DVD players !
Rewarded, after a long time !
Resizing image using Javascript in IE and FireFox
My very first 3D animation!
Fun with Blender
Article on Blender to XAML exporter !
Wanted: Portable apps for managing gadgets !
Introduction to JSON syntax in javascript oldies/newbies
My experience of writing a simple game for first time in life. All those who are interested in writing a computer game but have absolutely no idea of how to go about might find some information here.
A method to deal with fscommand that does not involve use of VBScipt and document.write()
A simple snake game written in Javascript. Runs on IE and FireFox

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