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This article is about creating a portable C# IDE using Notedpad++ and CS-Script plugin
ViewStatePeeker now available for newer versions of FireFox
Learn programming in Marathi
This article is about creating a very basic network usage meter for serial port/USB/mobile phone modems with only C# (no Win API calls, sockets or fancy stuff)
Article on Image Resize Utility for Linux !
Desi ebook reader !
Article on confusing ‘Internet Options’ in IE
An article on my first experience of creating a game using game maker.
Article on how to create DVDs that work with all DVD players !
Some Nice Free Video Convertion/Editing Tools
My very first 3D animation!
Fun with Blender
Art of Illusion : Great 3D modeling software for beginners
Zotero: A must have for people like me !
Wanted: Portable apps for managing gadgets !
Utility to perform bulk resizing of images. Besides resizing it can add border and watermark to images. Ideal for processing tons of images from your digital camera !
Documentation for my image resize utility.
This firefox add-on can decode and show viewstate contents of an *.aspx page
A sleek photo viewer using Silverlight and custom JSON based RSS feed. Shows a really cool slideshow of images.
Clipboard Image Archiver. Utility to archive clipboard images.
Manual for the Clipboard Image Archiver.
The VCL player form VideoLAN is an awesome piece of software. Apart from playing most video formats and supporting conversion from one to another, it has a video streaming server built into it.
GIMP (GNU’s Image Manipulation Program) is a powerful and easy to use image editor. This article introduces Windows users to GIMP
Using small Linux distro like Puppy Linux and open source emulator like QEMU,it is possible to run and stop Linux like normal windows programs. By creating virtual hard disks and using software like WinImage you can actually transfer data between Linux and Window.
Do you frequently type Marathi or Hindi using English alphabets . Ever wished you could write your stuff in Devanagari , without much hassles, then you should definitely read this.A sneak-peek of Transliteration tools for Indian Languages.

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