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One more application makes it !
Online Physics Game Created Using Silverlight And Farseer Engine
Article on creating a simple physics game using Silverlight and Farseer Engine.
Silverlight vs IE 9 (HTML 5)!
Using the PowerPoint to Silverlight exporter
Article on support for Silverlight in Dojo framework
Article on problems of Silverlight and Indic Script Rendering
Article on adding subtitles to videos using Silverlight.
Silverlight Video Subtitles Demo
3D bar graph XAML generator
3D bar graph XAML generator
Demo of animated 3D AJAX bar graph using Silverlight
Live demo of Silverlight based AJAX line graphs. The graph updates at real time with data from server.
A sleek photo viewer using Silverlight and custom JSON based RSS feed. Shows a really cool slideshow of images.

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