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This article is about creating a simple web based event log monitoring application that uses server push to update data. It shows how to use WebSocket to implement server push technology using C#.
This firefox add-on can decode and show viewstate contents of an *.aspx page
Animated Tooltip Javascript.Capable of showing HTML content ,AJAX and variable opacity
Demo of my tooltip script showing translucent tooltip
Demo of my tooltip script showing translucent tooltip with background image
The VCL player form VideoLAN is an awesome piece of software. Apart from playing most video formats and supporting conversion from one to another, it has a video streaming server built into it.
GIMP (GNU’s Image Manipulation Program) is a powerful and easy to use image editor. This article introduces Windows users to GIMP
Object Oriented Panel Script Demos
Check out the cool animated collapsibile panel written in javascript. Click on the above link to see a online demo.
Using small Linux distro like Puppy Linux and open source emulator like QEMU,it is possible to run and stop Linux like normal windows programs. By creating virtual hard disks and using software like WinImage you can actually transfer data between Linux and Window.

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