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WebSocket +HTML5 starting to become popular !
Silverlight vs IE 9 (HTML 5)!
This article is about creating a simple web based event log monitoring application that uses server push to update data. It shows how to use WebSocket to implement server push technology using C#.
Center aligning image inside <DIV> tag
Rewarded, after a long time !
Resizing image using Javascript in IE and FireFox
Javascript Templates : Next new thing in Web Development ?
An article on using javascript templates to create Web 2.0 applications. The article explains creation of a simple image search application using Flickr Photo's public feed and 'TrimPath Template' engine from Google Code.
IFRAME based javascript tooltip , which can be used to show webpages. Nice alternative to those ugly popups for showing webpages or HTML documents. It supports all features of my previous DIV based tooltip.
Simple Javascript Tooltip Demo
Animated Javascript Tooltip Demo
Animated Tooltip Javascript.Capable of showing HTML content ,AJAX and variable opacity
Demo of my tooltip script showing translucent tooltip
Demo of my tooltip script showing translucent tooltip with background image
A method to deal with fscommand that does not involve use of VBScipt and document.write()
Simple javascript based photo album that allows you to show the location of the photo in a satellite map just beside the image.There are detailed instructions on this page on how to reuse it on your website.
A simple snake game written in Javascript. Runs on IE and FireFox
Object Oriented Panel Script Demos
Simple Collapsible Panel using absolute positioned DIV tag
Collapsible Panel With Relative Positioning
Collapsible Panel With AJAXCollapsible Panel With AJAX

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