My Resume in 16x2 LCD format!

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My Resume in normal format!

Developer working on Microsoft .NET Technology for more than seven years. Extensive experience working on ASP.NET and related technologies to develop rich web applications. Worked on large and complex projects based on MS .NET framework. Technology enthusiast interested in open source, Web 2.0 and writing.  Currently working with one of the most renowned consulting compaines in the world.


Languages C# .NET,VB.NET,C++, HTML, XML , XSLT, Javascript,  TCL/TK, Visual Basic for Applications,
Assembly Language 80x86 ,
Frameworks WCF, WPF, Windows Forms, Silverlight, SSRS,JQuery, Prototype.js, Nunit, Prism
Tools VSS, VS TFS, Crystal Reports (.NET), Infragistics Web Controls, NDOC, SSRS,UML ,SQL Server 2008
Architectures/Methodologies MVP, MVC, SOA, RUP


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