This article is about creating a portable C# IDE using Notedpad++ and CS-Script plugin
This article discusses discusses suitability of using knockout.js (or similar) framework in ASP.NET MVC 4 applications.
This article discusses how entity framework allows for seperation of of business entities from Data Layer.
Online Physics Game Created Using Silverlight And Farseer Engine
Article on creating a simple physics game using Silverlight and Farseer Engine.
Silverlight vs IE 9 (HTML 5)!
This article is about creating a simple web based event log monitoring application that uses server push to update data. It shows how to use WebSocket to implement server push technology using C#.
This article is about creating a very basic network usage meter for serial port/USB/mobile phone modems with only C# (no Win API calls, sockets or fancy stuff)
Need for better ASP.NET validators
This article illustrates usefulness of extension methods with typed Datasets. Using LINQ extension methods can reduce the amount of code we write for common tasks.
Simple javascript to handle selection of checkbox column in GridView and repeater controls. Only ten lines of code using jQuery, which is independent of codebehind. No need to fiddle around with clientIds !.
An article on using jQuery to attach multiple handlers to client side events of ASP.NET server controls like click, change,blur ..etc.
Article on problems of Silverlight and Indic Script Rendering
Article on adding subtitles to videos using Silverlight.
Silverlight Video Subtitles Demo
Article on lack of support for REST in older ASP.NET
3D bar graph XAML generator
3D bar graph XAML generator
Demo of animated 3D AJAX bar graph using Silverlight
This firefox add-on can decode and show viewstate contents of an *.aspx page
Article on creating dynamic data tooltip for webforms.
This article discusses ways to enhance client side validators using AJAX Control Toolkit, by adding callouts and modal dialog box. The whole purpose is to improve user experience with very little effort.
Live demo of Silverlight based AJAX line graphs. The graph updates at real time with data from server.
A sleek photo viewer using Silverlight and custom JSON based RSS feed. Shows a really cool slideshow of images.
An article which discusses how AJAX can be implemented using different javascript libraries and frameworks.
Animated Tooltip Javascript.Capable of showing HTML content ,AJAX and variable opacity
Demo of my tooltip script showing translucent tooltip
Demo of my tooltip script showing translucent tooltip with background image
Do you frequently type Marathi or Hindi using English alphabets . Ever wished you could write your stuff in Devanagari , without much hassles, then you should definitely read this.A sneak-peek of Transliteration tools for Indian Languages.

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