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Hi, I am Ashish. I am an Electronics Engineer from Mumbai University.This is my personal website and I made it to to express myself. Click here to see me detailed resume.

I started programming with FoxPro 2.6 , then C and C++. I have some knowledge of MFC too, which I stopped learning with advent of C#. Right now, I am a developer working with one of the worlds leading Consulting Companies. I work with Microsoft technologies, especially .NET and ASP.NET. For some reasons, I don't like SQL and databases [:-)], though I am not very bad at it. JavaScript and XML are other topics of my interests. I have never worked on Linux projects, but I do posses useful knowledge about this OS.

I spend my free time learning and trying out technologies that I don't use in my daily work. I love to write; both technical and non-technical articles. I have few articles published on www.codeproject.com and DeveloperIQ Magazine (India). When I am away from computers, I spend time watching TV, hanging around with friends and listening to music.

I aspire of becoming a renowned consultant in fields of web development and e-commerce, some day. I like to do new things in life. I have developed a habit of doing two (not more) things in parallel, which I feel has helped me a lot. I am in search of right knowledge, right opportunities and right people to achieve my dreams.

Do write to me on what you think about my website or anything you may want to tell me,

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